June 29, 2021

Bringing Out Best of My Hot Stepsisters Inner Sluttyness

Aidra Fox – My Stepsisters Inner Slut [2016] – SisLovesMe
It was a lazy weekend afternoon and my naughty brunette hot step sister Aidra was at home studying instead of roaming out with her friends. I started teasing her about being a bookworm and why she never actually had a boyfriend.
Since our parents were away (out from the town for some work) I made a plan to fuck my own stepsister and bring out her inner sluttyness. I brought some vodka for her and somehow I made her drink it. After drinking it she completely melted out and we started talking about sex!
The alcohol hit her big time and made her into the mood. I Started fingering her young pussy to make her wet for me and she also started responding back and begin to suck my horny dick, But that day I couldn’t actually fuck her.
So the next day I astounded my stepsister while she was taking a shower I finally got to fuck her tight yummy pussy! We did it in the bedroom where I battered into her until I came inside her!
I fucked her for few more days until our parent arrived.