April 14, 2021

Furious Father Punish Daughter For Showing Tantrums

When the father stops his 21y stepdaughter from smoking cigarettes. She talks back and shows tantrums.
Father gets really mad at stepdaughter and decides to teach her family rules and some good manners because he knew if today he showed her even the slightest leniency, this mistake would be repeated.
Furious Father punishes and teaches his petite daughter a lesson. He pulls her blonde hair and spanks her soft little ass through her miniskirt like a bratty child until they turn red.
Angry Father forcefully grabs her head and rammed it down on his thick cock, her throat gets jammed with his entire shaft. The young daughter didn’t really hide her moan’s and eventually begin poking in and out faster.
The daughter was practically begging father for the actual punishment, without any hesitation she leaned forward in doggy and dad shoved his entire cock into her bare juicy pussy. Daddy hits the orgasm, he pulls out and splashes his cum all over on her followed by a long powerful blast.