July 14, 2021

Sister Offers Brother Oral Sex For Household Chores

Sister Disguised Deal With Brother
Blonde stepsister convinces brother for doing her household chores so she can go on a date with her boyfriend. When brother says NO she has nothing to offer but to barters his housekeeping services with oral sex with brother.
She pulls out brother’s cock out and began to pump against her tiny mouth but Disguised brother puts a condition that she must swallow his entire load.
she worked her tongue in a way that almost made him explode with each stroke. Her lips were completely enveloping his entire sack, up to the root of his cock. Trying to get it as deep into her throat as possible gasping for air and taking the entire shaft with each gulp.
He shot blast after blast of hot cum into blonde sisters mouth. Her mouth was half full of my white seed while the rest of the semen was dripping down her chin and neck to rest on her perfect tits
After swallowing his cum she asks again if I will do her chores and brother say YES. She leaves happily with a smile ready to see her boyfriend.
This was a really mind-blowing cock blowing he has ever experienced.